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Welcome to my blog

     Posted on Thu ,08/04/2010 by nico

Welcome to my blog!

I am a character animator recently graduated from Animation Mentor
I use this blog mainly to share progress on my latest personal animation projects

Feel free to leave a comment, all suggestions are always welcome

Comic books online

     Posted on Tue ,10/06/2014 by nico

Comic Book +

Vegetable gardening

     Posted on Wed ,26/03/2014 by nico

How to grow

Willow water growth hormone

A glimpse of Eternity

     Posted on Sun ,02/03/2014 by nico

A glimpse of eternity youtube search results

Moving sculptures

     Posted on Thu ,20/02/2014 by nico

Spanish Language Links

     Posted on Sat ,08/02/2014 by nico


Word references:

Ecological Living Links

     Posted on Thu ,30/01/2014 by nico

Permaculture videos
Surviving collapse

Property Purchase Checklist

Building a rocket stove

How to create a food forest using goats

Greening the desert

Designing an urban house

Geoff Lawton website

Strawbale construction
In Almeria, Spain:

Wind energy:

Metal Sculpture links

     Posted on Tue ,01/10/2013 by nico

Very Simple Aluminium Furnace

Inspiring Quotes etc

     Posted on Tue ,18/06/2013 by nico

Jim Jarmusch’s notes on filmmaking

2013 ski season

     Posted on Thu ,31/01/2013 by nico

First day of offpiste this season, in Kasprowy Wierch in Poland
The conditions were not ideal as the powder layer was quite thin, but it’s definitely a place with great potential

Frogger game

     Posted on Thu ,22/11/2012 by nico

Click here to start my Frogger game (it might take a while to load)

This is a Flash game I made while I was studying at Qantm in London. I recently found it again and remembered how much fun (and super hard work) it was making it. I hope you enjoy it.