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Comic books online

Tue ,10/06/2014

Comic Book +

Vegetable gardening

Wed ,26/03/2014

How to grow

Willow water growth hormone

A glimpse of Eternity

Sun ,02/03/2014

A glimpse of eternity youtube search results

Spanish Language Links

Sat ,08/02/2014


Word references:

Frogger game

Thu ,22/11/2012

Click here to start my Frogger game (it might take a while to load)

This is a Flash game I made while I was studying at Qantm in London. I recently found it again and remembered how much fun (and super hard work) it was making it. I hope you enjoy it.

Music Links

Thu ,01/12/2011

Stimming on YouTube
Stimming – Song for Isabel
Stimming – Moses remix

Kollektiv Turnstrasse:
Kollektiv Turnstrasse – live set @Laguna
Kollektiv Turnstrasse on YouTube
Kollektiv Turnstrasse –

IAM – Je danse le Mia (LP version)

Hilltop Hoods on YouTube


Soundcloud links
Alle Farben
Sub Bubble
Bahar Canca

Kollektiv Turnstrasse –

Judas Priest (other links to Painkiller album on this page)
Judas Priest – Night Crawler

Great Animations Links

Fri ,20/05/2011

Interesting Webinars:
Anatomy of a fight

“Thought of you”

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

Info on the full exhibition of art that includes animation and figurative works visit:
Behind the scenes rough cut here: and final cut here:

Private links

Thu ,08/03/2007