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Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 9 – Sunday

Mon ,30/11/2009

After a fair bit of work and a few passes, here is the version I submitted this Sunday. I have since received a critique from my mentor, and will work on some revision later in the week

And finally, this is the Stu pose I submitted for this assignment:

Week 9 Concerned

Week 9 Concerned

Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 9 – Thursday

Fri ,27/11/2009

I’ve been working on refining the vanilla walk this week, using splined tangents and playing with the timing and spacing to give the walk a good feel of weight. I don’t think I have quite nailed it yet, but it’s getting closer

We also have to do some sketches and a Stu pose to emotion of being “concerned”. It’s a pretty hard one, as usually, this emotion is conveyed through facial expressions. Working with just the body is quite a lot harder:

Week 9 Concerned sketches

Week 9 Concerned sketches

Class 1 -Basic Foundations – Week 8 – Sunday

Sun ,22/11/2009

Here is the final blocking phase that I have submitted for this week’s assignment. I will be refining this animation for next Sunday:

And this is the Stu pose I chose to submit to express Physical Strength:

Week8 Physical Strength

Week8 Physical Strength

The final thing I submitted this week is some revisions of week 7′s Tailor animation, as well as a second revision of the beginning of week 6′s pendulum animation:

Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 8 – Wednesday

Thu ,19/11/2009

This is my first blocking pass at the ‘vanilla’ walk for this week. I will add the planning sheet later.

At the moment, there is way too much hip movement, and the walk has got too much character as a result
I have to tone it down to make it more subtle and more ‘vanilla’
The legs seem to be working quite well though

Here is the planning for the animation above:

Week8 Planning sheet

Week8 Planning sheet

And finally some sketches for the Physical Strength pose for this week’s assignment:

Week8 Physical Strength sketches

Week8 Physical Strength sketches

Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 7 – Sunday

Mon ,16/11/2009

Here is the final submitted version of my Tailor animation for week 7.
I have since received a critique from my mentor and have some amendments to make, especially to the end, when he drops down the pipe. I have to make this less floaty, and I also have to adjust the tail flicker before the second and third jumps.

Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 7 – Thursday

Fri ,13/11/2009

I’ve now added the tail to the animation, after making a few adjustments to the body’s animation:

Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 7 – Wednesday

Thu ,12/11/2009

This week we have to animate Tailor in an animation with at least 3 bounces and a frame range between 75 and 125 frames

I’ve chosen a Super Mario theme. Below you will find the animatic of my storyboard and the first pass at blocking out the animation of Tailor’s body:

Super Tailor Bros blocking:

Animatic of storyboard:

Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 6 – Sunday

Sun ,08/11/2009

Here is the version of my animation that I have submitted today. I don’t think it’s perfect yet but waiting to see my mentor’s feedback on it:

I have also submitted a revision to the Devastation pose from last week:

Week5 Devastation Revision

Week5 Devastation Revision

Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 6 – Friday

Sat ,07/11/2009

Here is the latest version of my animation after another two rounds of refinements

Class 1 – Basic Foundations – Week 6 – Thursday

Thu ,05/11/2009

Finally I have completed blocking out my full animation with the overlapping action. I will now start refining the animation and hopefully have something final tomorrow evening