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Class 2 Progress Reel

Fri ,19/03/2010

This is my progress reel at the end of Class 2 of Animation Mentor
It starts with the 3 shots from Class 2, and then the Class 1 shots and poses, starting from the latest work to the earliest

Class 2 – Psy of body mechanics – Week 11 – Polishing

Fri ,19/03/2010

This week has been much better as I was only polishing my shot, without any major fundamental changes
Here’s my final shot after final approval from my mentor

Class 2 – Psy of body mechanics – Week 10 – Refining

Sun ,14/03/2010

Another hard week on this shot
I first lost a lot of time trying to fix the walk before deciding to start from scratch and re-block the walk
I’m much happier with the new version

Class 2 – Psy of body mechanics – Week 9 – Splining

Sun ,07/03/2010

After a very hard week working long hours on this shot, I have just submitted the version of my shot below
I am relatively happy with the first two thirds of the shot, but the walk is still pretty aweful
I’m hoping to get some good suggestions from my mentor this week so I can push this shot further over the next 2 weeks