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Class 3 – Advanced body mechanics – Week 9 – Blocking Plus

Mon ,31/05/2010

Blocking plus version of my shot, where I have cleaned up poses and arcs, and added a lot of breakdowns
This is still in stepped mode as I haven’t dealt with the inbetweens yet, until I get confirmation from my mentor that the shot is working

Class 3 – Advanced body mechanics – Week 8 – Blocking

Sun ,23/05/2010

3rd pass of blocking, ready for submission and critique

Class 3 – Advanced body mechanics – Week 7 – Polishing & Planning

Sun ,16/05/2010

I have finished polishing this shot, but I’ve already had some feedback and know there’s a bit more work to do on it
So hopefully I can do a revision pass soon, but I will first focus on blocking out my new shot

For the next shot, I have chosen to do a breakdancing shot
This is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I have 4 weeks to finish it, so hopefully that will be enough time
And I’m hoping that my workflow is now stronger and I can make some good progress quickly

Polishing Pass

Video ref

Planning thumbnails

Breakdance thumbnails

Breakdance thumbnails

Click for larger image of thumbnails

Class 3 – Advanced body mechanics – Week 6 – Refining

Sun ,09/05/2010

This is the refining pass of my shot
I’m sticking to what I have previously submitted for blocking, even though I have worked a little on an anticipation for the run at the beginning, as well as a celebratory final pose
Just ran out of time, so I focused on making sure the submitted portion is as good as it can be at this stage
I might come back to this shot and add these in class 6 when we’re polishing our shots for our showreel

Class 3 – Advanced body mechanics – Week 5 – Blocking

Sun ,02/05/2010

This is my blocking pass for the high jump shot
I’ve spent a good amount of time on this stage, in the hope that refining this will be easier as a result
I’ll wait to hear back from my mentor and hopefully, there won’t be too much reblocking to do next week