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Class 3 Progress Reel

Thu ,17/06/2010

Progress reel after the end of class 3
I am going travelling for three and a half months, during which time I am planning to do a hand drawn animation
But there will probably be no update on this blog during that time

Class 3 – Advanced body mechanics – Week 11 – Polishing

Sun ,13/06/2010

Tough week on this final phase of the shot
This is my hopefully final version, but I’ll wait to see what my mentor says about it
One week left before I take a long three and a half months break from Animation Mentor, and London!
Next post will be the progress reel

Class 3 – Advanced body mechanics – Week 10 – Refining

Sun ,06/06/2010

This is the refining pass of my shot
Waiting for some feedback from my mentor before moving to the final phase
Only a week to go now