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Class 4 Pantomime Shot Polishing

Sun ,31/10/2010

My final polish pass before handing in the assignment this week
I hope there won’t be too many adjustments to make, would be great to move on to the next shot with a clear mind

Class 4 Pantomime Shot Refining

Sun ,24/10/2010

After a hard week in the graph editor fixing curves and adding the necessary details while being away from London, I just about managed to complete a refining pass below

Class 4 Pantomime Shot Blocking plus

Sun ,17/10/2010

Blocking plus version of my shot, where I have addressed my mentor’s notes and added more breakdowns

Class 4 Pantomime Shot Blocking

Sun ,10/10/2010

This is the blocking pass of my pantomime shot
There were a few iterations of this already, but I think I got to a place I am relatively happy with and keen to get my director/mentor’s feedback on it before moving forward

Class 4 Pantomime Shot Planning

Tue ,05/10/2010

After a three and a half month break, I’m back on the course and very excited about starting the acting classes

Below is my edited video reference (after addressing my mentor’s notes) for my pantomime shot idea. I will start blocking this out tonight hopefully

These are the planning thumbnails based on the initial video ref I made. These will have to be amended for the new version of the video ref

Pantomime storyboard

Pantomime storyboard

Pantomime storyboard

Pantomime storyboard