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Class 4 Shot 2 Refining 1st Pass

Sun ,28/11/2010

First pass of refining this shot
I think there’s still plenty to work, I’ll wait for my mentor’s crit though

Class 4 Shot 2 Blocking Plus

Sun ,21/11/2010

Here’s the latest version of my shot where I’ve finalised the acting choices and added some breakdowns to better define the timing and spacing

Class 4 Shot 2 Blocking

Sun ,14/11/2010

Fifth pass of blocking completed in a week, but still trying to figure the timing of gestures, and I probably have to tone down the body at the beginning too
There’s also a whole new dimension of animation and acting coming up with the eyes, which are very basic at the moment, with no blinks, just some focus

Class 4 Shot 2 Planning

Sun ,07/11/2010

This past week was about planning our first dialogue (or rather monologue) shot
We had to pick 3 lines of dialogue and do video referencing for all 3, as well as do some planning thumbnails
I’ll wait until I get my mentor’s critique on this before choosing which clip I will animate

Audio clips:

Video reference:


I wasn't singing

I wasn't singing

separation anxiety

separation anxiety

I believe what I see

I believe what I see