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Latest shot – reblock idea

Tue ,21/12/2010

Hi guys
I’ve had a note from the last Bring Your Own Animation event and would need some feedback before I do any more work on this
So the shot on the left is the new idea, and on the right, the original
The note was that the character fiddling with the tin is too distracting and I should have a bigger reaction at ‘Dammit’ to bring the focus back on the character
Let me know what you think please, thanks (you can leave a comment below)

Class 4 Shot 2 Polishing 2nd pass

Wed ,15/12/2010

Final pass of polish for class 4
I’ve shown the shot to Paul from Double Negative and got my final crit from Victor too
I have a few things to work on still

Class 4 Shot 2 Polishing 1st pass

Sun ,05/12/2010

Tough week polishing my shot this week
For the first I did a proper spline clean up exercise which took a couple of days
It was mostly beneficial, except for the hands and fingers which are now a bit of mess
So I still have plenty to do on the hands and fingers mainly, and whatever else my mentor suggests