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Class 5 Multi Character Shot Planning

Sun ,30/01/2011

This week we selected 3 dialogue lines for our next shot, which will be a multi character shot

Out of these, I ended up selecting the last one after feedback from my peers and mentor

Class 5 Shot 2 Final

Sat ,22/01/2011

This is the latest version of my shot that I submitted for this week’s assignment
I have done a quick edit test too below

Version with cuts:

Class 5 Shot 2 Refining All

Sun ,16/01/2011

This week I worked further on the facial animation, as well as addressed some body mechanics issues
I think I still have some body mechanics issues to resolve and I’m not sure I’m quite there yet wiith the lip synch

We also did a couple of facial poses, see below:

Expression 1

Expression 1

Expression 2

Expression 2

Class 5 Shot 2 Facial animation blocking

Sun ,09/01/2011

With the start of the new year, we’re getting into the facial animation at last
So for this week, apart from some planning work on the facial animation and the first pass of facial animation, I’ve also finally finished the revisions I had planned to do on this shot since the end of class 4