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Class 5 Splining First Pass

Sun ,27/02/2011

Another rough week and even harder weekend working on this shot
This is the first pass of splining with the facial animation (apart from the mouth) still in stepped tangents
No lip synch done yet either

Class 5 Multi Character Shot – Blocking Week 2

Sun ,20/02/2011

After a pretty hard weekend working on this, I have finally completed my second pass of blocking
I think there are still some areas to iron out, but mostly I have finalised my ideas about the shot
Let’s hope my mentor agrees and I don’t have much reblocking to do next week

Class 5 Multi Character Shot – Blocking

Sun ,13/02/2011

Just completed my blocking pass
Now waiting for my mentor’s crit so I can finalise and move forward with the shot
All comments are welcome, thanks

Class 5 Multi Character Shot Planning Week 2

Sun ,06/02/2011

This week, we went further into planning the next shot
My flatmates helped me out with some video referencing, and I prepared a layout pass of the shot, to figure out the camera angles and the cuts, as well as the rough staging and composition of the shots

Layout Pass:

Video Ref: