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Class 5 – Final Polish pass

Sun ,20/03/2011

This is my final polish pass for class 5
I’m still unhappy with the dad’s walk at the beginning and I will probably have to start from scratch with that in class 6
Otherwise, there are still a few areas with some slightly wobbly bits, but it’s mostly done

Class 5 Polishing – 1st pass

Sun ,13/03/2011

This is the first pass of polishing my shot
I managed to get through most of my notes and the mentor’s notes
Didn’t get time to finalise the dad’s hands on the kid’s shoulders on the last shot or polish the fingers
And I’m still planning to do more work on the face

Class 5 Splining second pass

Sun ,06/03/2011

This week and weekend have been pretty intense again
I had a few big notes from my mentor to fix some body mechanics issues
It took me most of the week to sort these out and I only started splining the facial controls late on Saturday
I also took care of the lip synch in this pass
So now I should be left with polishing and sorting out the details, as well as addressing my mentor’s notes