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Kitesurfing in Saint Lucia

Mon ,13/06/2011

28 June 2011
I tried some more backrolls on 22 and 23 June, but ended up hurting my ribs, so I had to stop kitesurfing altogether for the rest of the holiday
The wind ended up dying out again though, so I didn’t miss too much!
Next place to kitesurf might be Puerto Rico, but most probably it will be in California

21 June 2011
Good day of wind today and I managed to land 7 backrolls, the most controlled one being the one below
I’ve also started to try the backroll going the other direction too, but I still need a bit more pop and kite control
I’m hoping I can also start trying the frontroll tomorrow, but I fear it’s a fair bit harder than the backroll, we’ll see

20 June 2011
Frustrating day as the wind was weak today, couldn’t do anything else than ride up and down in the morning and early afternoon
Got a slightly better session at 4pm, and managed just a couple backroll attempts, with the one below being the best, but still couldn’t steer the kite forward fast enough

19 June 2011
I’m nearly there with the backroll, just need to steer the kite forward a little faster

18 June 2011
That’s the best backroll I’ve done so far, except I accidentally pulled on the backhand halfway through the spin and crashed quite hard
I might have slightly torn my left calf muscle, but we’ll see how it feels in the morning

17 June 2011
Best wind we’ve had in the last 2 weeks
I’ve been improving my jumps and trying to do a backroll (aka backloop)
One of a few jumps I landed:

One of my most successful backrolls (I’m not using the kite), but I’m not quite there yet, more practice needed tomorrow

15 June 2011
Small jump I did this morning when we had some gusts
The wind has died down a bit now

12 June 2011
First attempts with the kite line mount for my gopro camera

First I tried lower on the kite lines, but it was too unstable

I moved the camera higher, which was much better, but still a lot of movement as the wind was weak and I had to move the kite a lot to keep planing

And due to the wind being weak, I’ve had to walk back up the beach a lot since I can’t ride upwind