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Sep2011 11sec Club entry – Polishing early pass

Wed ,28/09/2011

I’ve started cleaning up and polishing the body mechanics, but I still have to sort out the eyebrows and facial expressions
Still loads of work to do, but there might be light at the end of the tunnel!

Sep2011 11sec Club entry – LipSynch & Blinks pass

Thu ,22/09/2011

A update from yesterday, I worked on the lip synch and the blinks
Next pass will be for facial expressions
As always, all feedback is very welcome, thanks

Sep2011 11sec Club entry – Splining

Wed ,21/09/2011

This is my first splining pass on this shot, still plenty of work to do, not least on the acting choices
I haven’t done any more work on the eyes/blinks/mouth
Let me know what you think please, thanks

Sep2011 11sec Club entry – Blocking

Sun ,18/09/2011

This is the new shot I’ve been working on
It is for the 11 second club entry for September 2011
This is still the blocking phase, but I feel I’m nearly ready for splining now
Let me know what you think please, thanks