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Mountain boarding first attempts

     Posted on Fri ,29/06/2012 by nico

This was my last attempt this afternoon and was finally starting to link turns
My style/posture is not very good yet and I barely have any control, but it’s getting there slowly
Maybe it’s a bit too far to see properly the somersault fall I did at the end, but thanks to the body armour, I don’t have a single scratch

Caminito del Rey – 11 March 2012

     Posted on Sat ,24/03/2012 by nico

The via ferrata we did with Kuba, Filip, Katka and Marketa in El Chorro, Spain

Skiing in the Sierra Nevada

     Posted on Sat ,31/12/2011 by nico

2 Jan 2012
Steep and icy run finishing in a silly fall and left knee injury when my foot got caught during the long slide:

28 Dec 2011
Here is a video of some of my falls and near misses on my first full day of skiing (after about 5/6 hours of self-teaching previously):

Inception explained

     Posted on Wed ,21/12/2011 by nico

The Rules
The Rules

The Players
The Players

The Ending
The Ending

Music Links

     Posted on Thu ,01/12/2011 by nico

Stimming on YouTube
Stimming – Song for Isabel
Stimming – Moses remix

Kollektiv Turnstrasse:
Kollektiv Turnstrasse – live set @Laguna
Kollektiv Turnstrasse on YouTube
Kollektiv Turnstrasse –

IAM – Je danse le Mia (LP version)

Hilltop Hoods on YouTube


Soundcloud links
Alle Farben
Sub Bubble
Bahar Canca

Kollektiv Turnstrasse –

Judas Priest (other links to Painkiller album on this page)
Judas Priest – Night Crawler

Amazing timelapse of the earth

     Posted on Mon ,14/11/2011 by nico

Day at the Park – blocking

     Posted on Thu ,10/11/2011 by nico

This is a shot I started in the last term of Animation Mentor, that I am keen on finishing now
Let me know whether you think it’s worth finishing, and if so, any feedback you would have at this stage would be great!

Sep2011 11sec Club submission

     Posted on Sat ,01/10/2011 by nico

Here it is, my first entry for the 11 seconds club
There are still things I would need to sort out with this shot, but not in time for the deadline
I’ll pick it up again later to try and address the remaining issues
Let me know what you think please, thanks

Sep2011 11sec Club entry – Polishing early pass

     Posted on Wed ,28/09/2011 by nico

I’ve started cleaning up and polishing the body mechanics, but I still have to sort out the eyebrows and facial expressions
Still loads of work to do, but there might be light at the end of the tunnel!

Sep2011 11sec Club entry – LipSynch & Blinks pass

     Posted on Thu ,22/09/2011 by nico

A update from yesterday, I worked on the lip synch and the blinks
Next pass will be for facial expressions
As always, all feedback is very welcome, thanks